Two *snuffle* days *cough*

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So yesterday I decided to be selfish and keep my germs to myself. So I worked at home. And strangely enough I actually got more work done yesterday than it felt like I did all week. Less distractions. Or less opportunities for procrastination.

Decided I needed to go in today though. Learnt more about how Backup Exec works, and what strange things can happen to it if you start firewalling things around it :)

Caught two of my kribs, including the big boy that I really wanted to catch surprisingly easily. Allowed myself half an hour to catch them, but it only took about a minute :) They're settling ok into Stu's tetra/cory tank. But worried they'll start terrorising the tetras and corys, so will have to keep an eye on that.

The drive down sucked. M5 was a disaster practically the entire way to Campbelltown. Then it bucketed down rain but at least I could get around cars. Past Goulburn the run was clear and much nicer.

Watched an episode of Star Trek, and now is time to crash.


trainman said:

It took a driver from work over an hour to get from Redfern to the Airport on the M5 east.

June 3, 2006 3:20 PM


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