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Had to come home today :(

My car this morning was like a freezer that's been left too long without a defrost. Except all the ice was on the outside. My poor little car has never been in a frost like that, at least not while I've had it. I scraped away what I could with just my fingernails before I watered it down, only to realise later up the highway that my fingernails have apparently scratched the windscreen ?!?!? I've yet to rub it to see if it's just perhaps a scratch in a later of oil or something. I know plastic scourers scratch windscreens, but I'll be a tad put out if the scratches are permanent :( Does anyone know of a way to reduce the look of the scratches?

Day was ok. Firewalled the file server with seemingly no apparent side-effects.

Bit of a blah night. The neighbour's pipes above my garage are leaking again. Four litres of goodness knows which sewage water dripped into my garage over the weekend. Emptied out the container but got it all over me in the process, and then the tap out the back which needs a new washer had been turned off so hard I couldn't turn it on. So ewwwww.

And then sat down to watch Survivor but realised I haven't actually seen last week's episode yet.


Only three days to go........

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