Definitely ate too much!

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It wasn't my fault - it was entirely too delicious! But more on that later :)

The plan for today was to see Sean and Mel this morning and have a quiet afternoon around the house. Except that by the time we actually got out of the house it was nearly lunchtime. Oops. But we had a nice late morning tea with them and then dropped by Scotty's to pick up some power tools and got back here by 3pm.

Anyway so we had these organic pork hocks we got at the farmers markets, along with some sweet potato, potato, parsnip, leek and onion. We cut up the veggies and sat the pork in some of them, turned up the oven and cooked it on high for a bit, then dropped it back down to 80C for another three hours.

While waiting for the pork to cook, we did some gardening and some handyman type stuff.

We also made a killer apple sauce out of apples we got at the markets. It was a bit of effort but I'm sure a heck of a lot better for us than stuff out of a jar.

So the whole thing came together and it was utterly delicious. Stu thinks it's the best roast pork he's ever had heh. But we both ate too much methinks ;)

Watched some more Star Trek, washed up, and time for bed now.

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