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Well they did actually decide there was a problem with my connection and Marc very kindly had a look at it, but no progress yet.

Got quite a bit of stuff done this weekend, most importantly finally htmlifying my USA photos (yes, two years on). There's just a few more bits and pieces I want to do before I finally upload everything.

I think the kribs may have died from the new heater I put in - I noticed when I was clearing the tank out that the rubber was very slimy. Maybe something leftover from the manufacturing process killed them.. :(

Also, after replacing the network card in my puta, it was still only able to go at 10mbs, so I'm pretty convinced it's the cable. When I get the urge I'll run another one round to the switch and see how it goes.

Now just waiting for me boy to get home so I can talk to him and go to bed....


trainman said:

I have a network cable tester I can lend you when I get it back from Canberra.

June 26, 2006 2:33 AM


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