Based on a true story

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With the boy tonight :):):) yayyyy.. This two weekends in a row thing does it for me :)

Decided to leave after peak hour tonight to avoid the long weekend escape. Well that theory was ruined by someone that rolled their car. And brought the M5 to a standstill. *sigh*

But got here eventually and Stu was watching Return of the Jedi on dvd. Every time I watch these movies I find more things to pick on. Sometimes when I commented on something, Stu would say it was based on a true story, heh :) Silly really. :) (ok so you probably had to be there :) )

And this won't mean anything to anyone else, but was listening to Saint-Saens Symphony Number 3 in the car and my favouritest bit of it came on just as I came over the hill on Horse Park Drive that has a view of the north of Canberra and Black Mountain Tower.. It was very *very* cool, for me at least :)

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