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From Kevin, who apparently made it up himself :)

  1. Driver's seat or passenger seat?
    mm, probably driver's seat, although also happy to navigate or just watch the scenery go by
  2. What was the first car you owned (could have been purchased by someone else)?
    A 1984 ford laser. It was kidnapped and murdered four years after I got it
  3. What is the first car you paid for yourself?
    Yep. With a bank cheque. The teller said not to spend it all at once heh
  4. How many cars are currently housed in your place of residence? How many are still operable?
    Just the one. Well actually there's probably closer to 30, but they belong to other people :)
  5. If money were not a factor, what kind of car would you own?
    Maybe a WRX (late nineties models).. always wanted one of those..
  6. If a police investigation was not a factor, what kind of car would you destroy any time you see it? Why?
    Any 4WD that has never been off bitumen in its life. They're big and ugly and obstruct my view of the road and waste massive amounts of petrol.
  7. Does driving in big city traffic fill your veins with adrenaline or your pants with something a bit worse?
    er, neither really. heh
  8. What is your biggest pet peeve regarding driving and/or your fellow drivers?
    Drivers that push in. Either from racing up the inside lane that's about to end and then pushing in, or turning right from the left lane when there's no arrows so they can get through the lights before everyone else turning right from the right lane.
  9. What's the most expensive traffic ticket you've ever received (could be monetary or jailtime)?
    Never gotten one. Although I'm sure I would have been thrown into jail if I'd been caught at my naughtiest heh
  10. What is the name you've given to your current vehicle (be honest, everyone names their car)?
    I don't really have a name. The first one Gail called the naf-mobile and that kinda stuck. This one is sexy-exy, or exe-file or just little car.


delmer said:

The only car I ever named was The Bruise -- a primer black and faded blue VW Beatle.

A buddy of mine had a VW (not Beatle, the sort of sedan thing that was out 25 years ago) that came with "Claire" painted on it in script.

Another friend had Sadie.

Another The Little Red Chevette (baby you rust too fast.) The same guy also had The Green Machine ... which was also what he called his bowling ball.

June 6, 2006 5:29 AM


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