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Gosh what a crazy two days.

Let's see. Friday morning after we logged off, we caught and packed up all the fishies and put them into baggies. All good. And carried on cleaning what we could. Then the removalist showed up. Yes, one removalist. Actually he was just a packer, not a remover. So this dude, by himself, spent about four hours just packing stuff. So much for a team of packers to come through and blitz the place. There was an hour or two when we couldn't really do anything, because the surfaces we needed to clean were inaccessible behind boxes of stuff. We were also getting stressed because the carpet cleaners were due to arrive and there was no visible carpet to clean :( When he did turn up though, he kindly arranged to get the key off the estate agent and come back next week to do it. Anyway the removalists finally arrived and three blokes in their blue singlets blitzed the emptying of the house. I ran around after them with the vacuum cleaner to get the excess of dust off the floor so they could take the vacuum cleaner with them as that last thing heh. We also ran around with spray and wipe and chux cleaning surfaces as they became available. It was about 7:30pm by the time we'd tetrised the car and returned the key and said goodbye to a lovely flat.

The way the removalists worked was different to what I expected. Rather than filling up a truck and driving that truck down to Canberra and unloading at the other end, they instead filled up a shipping container. Then the container is taken either by road or rail down to Canberra, and another team will unload it. Which was pretty nifty. Although of course it does mean that we don't actually know yet when the container will be arriving. Hopefully next weekend would be useful. So I'm not going down today, but perhaps next weekend, or maybe the one after.

Next it was over to Chay and David's for a wonderful lasagna dinner, a few drinks, and a game or two of the new Buzz (general knowledge, which I did a lot better at than with the music trivia version). And a place to crash for the night. Thanks guys!

Yesterday the long long drive. Got away at 9:13. Got here about 12:45 :( We had a coffee stop in Warwick, a lunch stop in Tenterfield (we had to try the honeycomb cheesecake at the Coachman's Cafe :) ), a tea/coke stop in Tamworth, and a nice break at Arian's parent's place (where Arian had been all week so caught up with her here instead of Armidale :) ). Traffic was fairly light which was good. The fish in the baggies seem to be ok so far. My fish at home seem ok. And a lovely sleep in this morning :)

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