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So the boy flew in on Friday night, and at the crack of dawn yesterday (read: 5:30am) we got up and drove down to Canberra to look for places to rent. He fell in love with the first place we looked at. The other two places we saw were less than ideal, and a bunch more we didn't get to see inside because they didn't have open for inspections but might get Scott and Kerry to look at a few of those. In between we had one morning tea with Scott and Kerry, and another one with Mishi and got to meet L and discuss Harry Potter and Star Wars Lego at length, and lunch at Subway in town. And then out to Yass for a much needed afternoon siesta and dinner.

Lazy morning this morning, then wandered back to Sydney. Stopped to breathe for a moment, then headed to Alan and Marylon's for a belated first of the month.

And now it's 10:20pm and we have to be up at 5am for the boy's flight back.... sound like fun..? :)


Dave2 said:

Harry Potter and Star Wars Lego are so passe! BATMAN LEGO are the wave of the future, baby! :-)

April 10, 2006 12:03 AM


Aurelius said:

Not passe when you're a seven year old apparently...

April 10, 2006 9:59 PM


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