Everything's fricking broken!!

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My tv died tonight. The dvd recorder doesn't play commercial dvds properly. My vcr can't tune any channels so can't record on that. The netphones are fubar. I'm sick of it!!


Missyisms said:

My TV and VCR died together a few summers ago. All very annoying and I feel your pain!

Have you tried cleaning the DVD player? That's how I keep mine happy. I bought a DVD/CD to clean players--it's looks like a regular DVD/CD but has one or more little tiny brushes sticking out on the play side of the disc. No liquids, no chemicals, just little brushes. Pop it in the player and the brushes wipe off the laser head in a DVD, CD, or CD-ROM player. Works miracles! (Sorry if I'm rambling on about something you already know about.) Good luck with it all.

April 12, 2006 5:08 AM


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