You might want to use a paper diary next week..

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So someone in their wisdom thought it might be a good idea to extend daylight savings by a week, all because it was going to end during the Commonwealth Games.

This person should be shot.

When all of this first surfaced, there was a patch available that added a new time zone to windows computers, and you could select that time zone during the games. You then would have to change back afterwards. However it meant applying a patch to all the computers in your organisation and then changing the time zone. Painful.

Then came another patch which actually just modified the existing Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney time zone. This was available to computers that ran windows update manually, but not for SUS.

So today the patch was released for WSUS. But not SUS (because it's not a critical patch as such). So I've been trying to get our server upgraded from SUS to WSUS. And today the patch appeared. All well and good, but I still haven't gotten the server working, and don't want to just go blithley passing out patches without testing them properly first. So I ran windows update on my old w2k desktop and installed the patch.


Appointments created in notes on a computer without the patch show up an hour in the future on computers that have the patch applied. That is, any appointments already created for the week 27 March to 2 April will be an hour out when the patch is applied to users' computers. And vice versa - appointments created on patched computers show up an hour earlier on unpatched computers.

I haven't even tested what will happen when appointments are created during that week and then the timezone is reversed (which will take another patch). Although I haven't tested it yet on two computers using notes 7.

Exchange/outlook systems would be even more fun. There is a separate patch for those systems, however it won't be available to WSUS. Presumably this patch will actually *work*, although I wouldn't enjoy having to go touch every system to apply it.

The official word from Microsoft is "put the time of your appointments in the subject line, and don't create any appointments during that week".

Well that's just great.


Kevin said:

I feel your frustration .. what about the bit requiring all calendar appointments to be exported before changing the time zone then reimporting - then reversing the process the process a week later !!!!!!! Yeah right.

Executive decision .... my users can just cope as is for a week ! LOL

March 16, 2006 8:49 AM


Yvonne said:

My mind is boggling. What?? The whole thing is stupid. Games or no games, don't mess with my time zones..

March 16, 2006 12:49 PM


Bj said:

It wouldn't be such a pain if Microsoft handled the situation a bit better. Let's face it - governments like to change DST. Microsoft needs to wake up and provide proper support for DST changes rather than the hack jobs they gave us this year.

April 1, 2006 10:34 AM


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