Ugly bag of mostly water

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Apparently that's what we are - ugly bags of mostly water :)

Got up relatively early (stu time) and wandered down to New Farm for breakfast. Stu got himself a haircut to match his beard trim, which was a lot shorter than he'd planned. oops. Then wandered into town to find a shirt and tie for his interview. The silly thing is he paid more for the tie than the shirt. heh :) Managed to watch the St Patrick's Day parade in the city in the process. Wandered back here and did a bit of cleaning, then watched an episode of Star Trek, then just talked for a bit, and had a bit of a siesta, before heading out to Chay and David's for some puff pastry pizza - yumm! Several beers and udls later.. mmm heh.. played Buzz and Singstar 80s - lost first game of Buzz, third in second, and won with David on SingStar. And then it was late so wandered back here.

Very sleepie.....

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