No disasters allowed

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Well Saturday. The array finished rebuilding around 5pm. Spent a little while preparing for the failback. Nervous moment as after a remote reboot the machine didn't come back - turned out the network interface just didn't come up - a common problem on 2650s. Met up with Jim and we began the failback and restore procedures. Files finished copying back in the middle of the night on Sunday. So Sunday morning checked all the files and reenabled the server service. And that was the end of that little drama.

Then this morning I got paged because the server room temperature was rising. I was running in slow motion after quite a lot of wine last night (dinner at Alan and Marylon's, needed to unwind of the stress of the weekend), but eventually dragged myself into work. Dead aircon. Yay. Opened up the server room door and mounted a couple of fans in the doorway. Waited for people to turn up to come and fix. Turned out other circuits were dead too. The sparkies switched back on the other circuits but wouldn't touch the aircon circuit. So had to wait for the aircon contractors to turn up. They flicked the aircon curcuit back on but it died a minute or so later, taking the other circuits with them. Yay. So they left it off, brought up a portable aircon, and decided there was a faulty compressor, which will take a few days minimum to have replaced.

So I was a zombie for most of today. Went home early and had a bit of a sleep, only interrupted by occasional calls from telemarketers etc.

No more disasters allowed for at least another week. It's the rules.


Missyisms said:

I need to claim the last sentence of this blog also. Whew, that would be a relief after the past few weeks!

March 8, 2006 4:28 PM


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