Nice Weekend

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Well I don't know about anyone else but I've had a thoroughly wonderful weekend.

We were going to go the beach today, but we both had unrelated abdominal issues so decided to just potter around at home. We watched some more Star Trek (getting quite a way through the first season now). Had a nice healthy salad for lunch. Watched some more Star Trek and Stu read to me. Then we went for a little drive - via Smith's aquarium and onto Sandgate, where we took our shoes off and walked across the sand flats to Moreton Bay. The water was beautiful and warm and the breeze blowing in off the water was the perfect temperature - not too hot and not too cold. It was really really nice. Stu cooked a pot-luck dinner of stuff he'd had in his freezer for a very long time (2004 for the pork :) ) and we watched some more Star Trek and Stu read to me some more.

Feeling quite happy and relaxed, although really not looking forward to going home. Not unless I can take Stu with me and keep him as my pet...

Found this tiny gecko in the clutter behind Stu's phone table - how cute is he!!

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