My Saturday

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Got off to a bit of a slow start. Caught up on some blogs. Talked to Stu for a little bit. Went to the fish shop to trade up for a bigger gravel vac and get the bits of the underwater light that were missing. Came home and did a bit of sorting of stuff to get rid of on Freecycle. Ran out of steam late afternoon and felt a bit flat cause hadn't had a chance to talk to Stu all afternoon. Went to the parents for dinner, then got smsed/called from Ric and Campbell wondering where I was - turned out Campbell was having a farewell after all, but somehow I'd missed out on an invite :(

So wandered along to that, and it turned out to be a really nice night. Met Zara who has gotten herself into an even harder long-distance relationship - with a girl in London - and I thought *I* had it bad! Jess also showed me her extremelly funky handiwork with a GPS, a laptop and Google Earth. The gps outputs a csv to her laptop, and she's written an app that takes that and outputs it into a format that Google Earth can read, and she has a kml file that loads other kml files that have custom refresh rates that load the data from a cut-down web server on her computer so they come into Google earth every few seconds as network locations. But bottom line is, she can do traces of her travelling overlaid on google earth, so accurately you can see roundabouts and even which lane she was in when the data was recorded. And it shows how close google earth pictures are to their correct locations :) Way way way cool :) She's a much better geek than I am :)

I also managed to get Di and Daniel to play lots with my camera, so should have lots of fun photos, which I'll download tomorrow.. er.. later today :)

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