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Watching the finale of the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony. The event that is going to cause a week of anguish to hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people in four states. Was it worth it? Ask everyone affected at the end of this week. James suggested it would have been better to delay the change by one day, not one week. Then only Sunday appointments would have been affected.


Got the petunias pruned, and another four hours of Looney Tunes cartoons recorded to dvd. And watched the directors commentary of A Bug's Life....

HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAH John Farnham forgot the words to You're The Voice!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAAH /me ROTFLMAO

... but didn't get the vacuuming done.. oh well ..
oh and cooked up lots of chicken wings. And then spent 40 minutes scraping all the marinade and goop off the baking dishes.

Oh that John Farnham goof cracks me up. I don't know that I've ever ranted about him on this blog. I really like his music, but he comes across as a Melbourne Snob, and charges international-act prices to his Australian concerts. I wanted to see him in ~91 and then again recently, but both times they cost what and international act would, and I thought "well stuff him".

Well I'm off to bed to talk to my boy.. nite!

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