Ate too much

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Too much for lunch, too much for dinner... even though it didn't actually feel like too much most of the time I think it was ... er ...

So got a lift to the airport which was nice cause I was thinking I'd have to catch the bus (thanks George/Luc!). Except the plane was 40 minutes late. Oops. But got window seat on the back row of the plane and took a big bunch of photos. So all good.

Met my boy at the airport yayyyyyyyy.
Went home and snuggled for a bit, then headed out and got some lunch at Ascot Provisions. I even resisted the urge to have a cheese kranski and just had a warm chicken salad. Then we wandered over to Chermside to do some shopping. Got back but weren't here for long before being called up to go into Stu's work for drinks. Which was good with a few beers and some really bad karaoke. Then dinner at Pepe's.

And now it's 9pm but it feels much later. Can't possibly be the 6am start or the fact that it's really 10pm .. could it..?

We're going to get an early night.

My Virgin Blue plane


Yvonne said:

OH so it is Favourtism! You must have a better bribe than I do. Hmmmmm

Dave has never recovered....

March 11, 2006 8:40 PM


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