Moving Day

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So it was decided that today we should move offices. Except that the new office wasn't ready. They hadn't patched any network points. The door and walls were being painted. Sprinklers were being installed. The airconditioning was leaking. The desks weren't in the right spots.

It was going to be a long day.

So the dudes that were there to move our desks showed up in the morning, and we said, well *we* can't move until the new office is ready. So the thought was that we would shift all our gear, the desks would be moved, and we'd continue work where we were on temporary desks. Like that was ever going to happen. We cleared our desks and they got moved, but then we just stood around going "now what?". So we went to an early lunch. The afternoon was just as much of a mess. When there were a few less tradesmen in the room, we eventually did start moving our stuff into our new room (actually for us it was the room we left a couple of years ago).

It was a very long day.

And our space is so much more limited. "Help help I'm being oppressed" sprang to mind constantly heh. No shelving yet, so everything is in piles and boxes. I have no phone and not likely to for a couple of days. My computer is attached to the network via a cable connected to one of the original pre-renovation patch points.

It's going to be a messy week.

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