More than moguls

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There's more to the winter olympics than the moguls and downhill skiing. Although you'd never know it (at least from the limited times I've watched it).

Other than that my day was pretty sucky. Sami has decided not to move, so I'm going to be squished between people forever more (or at least until we get a new building or I end up in Canberra or somewhere silly). J wasn't in either so I felt somewhat lost most of the day and really didn't get anything done. Did get to see Jodi's wedding photos which was cool. And all my babies are doing ok, although mama guppy upstairs is still looking quite lethargic :( Will bring my tank downstairs tomorrow. Remind me to get something for Merideth for taking care of them for me for a couple of months.


Missyisms said:

I thought only U.S. networks fixated on a few sports and fewer athletes! Ugh.

February 17, 2006 9:47 AM


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