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ok so maybe not exactly. But a brief summary of the rest of the trip (Stu is included in all activities as a given, except the food shopping on Sunday :) ):

Sunday: lazed around, went food shopping, went for a walk, had lamb roast for dinner
Monday: wandered into Canberra, had lunch with Mishi and Damien, went suburb scouting, went for a swim in the Murrumbidgee River, had trout for dinner that Scotty caught
Tuesday: went on a fish shop crawl with Scott, had a rest, went to me little brother's wedding
Wednesday: entertained Lily for a couple of hours, did a car swap, drove home, dinner at J&G's, put my boy on a plane

And to keep me amused while I wait to make sure Stu gets home ok, I'm uploading pics of the wedding. Sorry I'm crap at culling, and I haven't gotten around to making an index page yet.. :)

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