What day is it?

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I keep having to ask Stu this :)

Tuesday apparently.

Got up when I felt like it. Um. Lazy morning. Went to Bunnings to get stuff for a small compost heap maker. And also came back with nine cardinal tetras. They're very cute. Had lunch (sort of). Then pottered and worked on my long stitch and sorted coins out for Stu while he worked on cleaning the study.

Had an early dinner (chicken stir fry, very yummy), then went and saw Narnia, which was awesome. Have never read the books. Must do that some time :)


delmer said:

I've recently discovered that with out my watch I, too, suffer from what-day-is-it syndrome. I'm certain that when I was younger (during a pre-watch time in my life) that I always knew what day it was ... after all, I had the weekend to look forward too.

Now, as often as not, I slip into work on the weekends for at least a bit. And the days all run together.

January 6, 2006 2:24 AM


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