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er.. yesterday.... gee I wonder what we did... um....

gosh that took us a moment to remember.

Started off in the valley, wandering through the markets, and getting a coffee (well a baby-cino for me :) ). Didn't spend toooo much on knick-knacks heh :)

Then instead of going straight home, we meandered up to Nudgee beach, stopping at a wetland lookout point to look at the birds and the tortoises in a lake. Nudgee "beach" was not much to behold, but the drive was nice.

Came back and had a quick bite of lunch then headed out for coffee with Chay and David and the kids. Went back to their place for beer and roast meats and Firefly.

Today after breakfast we went for another drive, this time up to Sandgate to do a bit of bird-watching on the sand flats. Then continued north up to Redcliffe. Had some sushi from Morgan's for lunch. Followed the North Moreton Bay tourist drive for a bit, before turning around and heading back. On the way we stopped in at a little aquarium we saw on the way up. It turned out to have a very good selection of cichlids. Stu was quite impressed. I've also fallen in love with Maingano cichlids, I'm going to get some when I get home and put em in with the other yellow cichlid and the catfish.

We were planning to go out for a steak for dinner, but decided to have cheese kranskis and salad instead. And ice cream and Star Trek.

And now I'm sad because I'll be gone in a few hours :(:(


Yvonne said:

but we miss you here :( you don't blog often when away.....sniff

January 9, 2006 2:46 PM


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