The Longest Drive

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Drove the longest drive of my life today. Well I've been on drives of equivalent length before, but always as a passenger or co-driver, never by myself. ~970km in 12.5 hours, including a couple of brief stops.

Gosh it was a long day. Started at 8am Brisbane time, which was actually 9am real time (doh). Two and a half tanks of petrol (~$75 worth I guess).

The first half was pretty disgusting. Lots of roadworks, lots of rain (bucketloads), lots of really sllooowwwwww people. Single lane road most of the way with overtaking lanes few and far between. And the road clogged with butthead drivers who would drive 10-30km/hr under the speed limit when you couldn't pass them, but then would speed up to the speed limit at the overtaking lanes so you couldn't get past. It was infurating. One beemer driver was sitting at 90 in a 100 zone, until the overtaking lane where he sped up to 110 so I couldn't get past. Bastard.

After Taree the road was mostly dual carriageway and a lot less traffic, plus the sun was going down, so it was positively pleasant driving conditions.

I also foiled my body's post-lunch slump by only feeding it a salad for lunch. Normally I collapse after the sugar high runs out, but without any sugar there was no such high/low. So it was all good. Meant I didn't really get tired til near the end of the trip.

Fish and plants mostly survived. Had a few fish losses and the tetra tank is very sad, as is the baby krib tank. Might get up early and do some emergency maintenance. But for now it's time to collapse into bed.

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