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Sitting here waiting for Dell dude to arrive with a replacement hard drive for our mail server. This would be the third time I've driven into work today :(

So first trip to work meant a 5:30am wake up for a 6:30am shutdown of everything. Oh backtrack to 4am where I was awake in the middle of the night so I got up and wrote a script to shut down all my servers at once. Except the ones on different domains. Well the script worked nicely altho some machines still take a long time to shutdown. Was out of there by ten to seven.

Second trip was to turn everything back *on*. While everything was off decided to test some of the UPS shutdown setups. Well some of them worked, but others didn't. Still, it's a start. Turned everything back on and was getting ready to leave when noticed an ominous amber light on the mail server. The power off had caused it to lose a disk. Not happy. Still, got onto Dell, who agreed to replace it even though we didn't actually buy it (long story). So here I am waiting so I can install it. Driving to work three times in one day is all rather boring.

Well the dude turned up and new disk is in. Waiting to see if the raid rebuild is going to work...

Realised just after the rebuild started that the Saturday-nightly defrag was running. Bad. Very bad. Much disk activity involved. But the defrag runs nt defrag as a scheduled process, with no gui to shut it down. Worried that killing the process would break file(s), decided to reboot the machine. Well aside from it stopping at the PERC controller part of bios, and waiting for me to hit a key, it rebooted ok and continued rebuilding the array, without the hinderance of a defrag running. So I'm home now. It's up to 16%. I'll relax when the array is no longer degraded...

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