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I need to win a few million dollars so I don't have to work again and be on holidays permanently. It really is the best way to be :)

Slept till I felt like getting up. Pottered. Looked at photos of Stu as a kid. Went food shopping with Stu. Worked on a jigsaw. Worked on my longstitch. Watched a couple of episodes of Firefly. Started reading through this years blog entries for a wrap-up entry. Had a yummy dinner of steak (that I cooked) and salad (that Stu made). Watched a couple of episodes of Star Trek. Went for a walk on the bay at Sandgate.

Now it's 10pm (here) and I feel like I've had quite a good day.

Cool really.


Kevin said:

I've been saying that for years. About winning millions, that is.

January 3, 2006 8:51 AM


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