Happy New Year

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So after getting back to the motel yesterday, we went and picked up Arian for a grand tour of Armidale. Swung by the uni and walked around all the various buildings that they lived/studied/worked in over the years. Then drove around town seeing various places people had lived. It was pretty darned hot, so we decided to go for a swim, at a place we dubbed Swan Cove. It was lovely, although Stu apparently picked up a bug from the water and was sick for the next 24 hours :(

So after the swim we dropped Arian off, I washed my hair of swan poo, and we watched Mars Attacks while waiting for the hordes to return. Which they eventually did. We got chinese and lots of wine for dinner. Was a pleasant, if somewhat rowdy at times, evening. Except of course for Stu being sick, which he didn't find pleasant at all :( Counted in the new year with Mr Wilkins, and watched the Sydney fireworks (best fireworks in the world :) ). Eventually the hordes left and we crashed out.

This morning Stu was even sicker, which really wasn't much fun for him. Although he did feel up to travelling, so we dropped by Arian's for a cup of tea before making a dash for Brissy. Got here about 5:30, NSW time. Got myself all confused about what the time actually is. But for the purposes of this week, I don't think it's going to matter :)

Sadly, many of Stu's fish didn't survive the week. Papa guppy, the corys and the rasboras except one were all decomposing and the tanks smelt awful. Was really really sad. We think it was the heat. The water was over 31C. They're down to 28C now. On a lighter note, his mama guppy had her second lot of babies, and two of them were still alive - they're so *tiny*! And the nine guppy babies I brought from work not only survived a week in a plastic bag, but survived two days in the car travelling. And next to the other babies they are *huge* :) We're currently slowly mixing the water, as the pH was a full point different, and just chucking them in would have killed them.

So then tonight we went and got an Al Funghi pizza from Pizza Capers, and watched Encounter at Farpoint on DVD. And watched the lights turn green twice :)

Now, the computer clock says 10pm. I guess that's 11pm in real time. No wonder I'm so tired..! :)


Soss said:

You didn't see the London fireworks then? :)

January 2, 2006 12:09 AM


Dave2 said:

I recently re-watched STTNG "Encounter at Farpoint" and was shocked at how poorly it has held up! It was so bad! Kind of amazing that the show managed to outgrow it, really.

"Mars Attacks", on the other hand, is a classic!

January 2, 2006 2:41 AM


kazza said:

Nah we missed those .. ;)

Yes Encounter at Farpoint was somewhat cringe-worthy :)
Yeah, Mars Attacks is a classic :)

January 2, 2006 8:57 AM



kazza said:

Don't run, we are your friends!

January 5, 2006 9:59 AM


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