Risk management

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For once we had a meeting today that was actually pretty interesting. All about risk management and what sort of things could happen that would prevent us doing our work and providing the services we do, and the impact any such interruption would have on our users.

At one point though, there was the question of what would happen if something so horrendous happened that our unit was shut down because of it and outsourced back to central IT services. And I started freaking out about what if a server got hacked and I ended up losing my job over it. Especially since I'm the bunny responsible for the darned things. It was rather an ominous thought.

But it was also a good meeting in terms of just making us think about things some more, and what we could do to address the issues in the future.


Dave2 said:

My day was fine, thank you.

Quick... switch to MacOS X Server while you have the chance! :-)

November 10, 2005 12:21 AM


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