Was it summer today?

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It felt like summer today. Actually it felt almost like Christmas.

So last night the little brother calls me up (at 11:15pm!!) and says "lunch at the parents' tomorrow, 12pm". So I go righto, and enter a reminder in my phone for 11am. And then promptly forget all about it.

So this morning I'm pottering about the house, I've done a load of washing to wash my sheets, but really not much else. Then my phone starts beeping at 11am, saying "lunch" .. and I'm going "what the?" and suddenly I remembered I was meant to be at the parents' for lunch. Thank goodness for alarms! lol.

Lunch was all perfectly pleasant, and afterwards we played our customary three rounds of 500. Dad lost all three games, to which a round of "You're a loser" to the tune of Handel's Messiah was sung, a family tradition at such events. The weather pixie reported 32C and 14% humidity at one point, so it was hot, but not unpleasantly so. It really felt like a summer holiday day today, so even though I didn't actually achieve much, it was still quite relaxing.

A four day week this week, making a nice transition back into a full working week after two three day weeks in a row :)

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