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Got season 4 of TNG today. They wouldn't do it for $50, but at least matched Big W's special price of $80.

There was definitely something else I had to report an update on, although can't remember now what it was. Oh well I'll add to this on the Blackberry if I think of it in bed :)

Oh yes, that's what it was - the scode image thingie on comments is working wonderfully - not a single comment spam since I installed it!! And no complaints either from real users which is a good thing :) I suppose it'll only be a matter of time before the script bots have algorithms programmed into them to read the numbers, but for now I couldn't be happier :)


Richard said:

Won't you just get email spam by exposing your email address?

October 13, 2005 6:43 AM


kazza said:

oh sure, but I get so much of that anyway it just gets caught up with the rest of it (and cia's spam filtering is pretty decent, so don't get too much if it through). And it's not directly exposed anyway - it's generated with javascript, so the complete email address doesn't actually appear anyway except when it's rendered properly in a browser.

October 13, 2005 6:53 AM


Richard said:

Ah, a cunning plan. :-)

October 13, 2005 7:54 AM


Rooster said:

Good stuff!

I tried installing that once at the grand old girl, but that failed terribly.

October 13, 2005 5:15 PM


kazza said:

yah I remember seeing you try that. Going to try it on your new server when you get it?

October 13, 2005 7:22 PM


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