One of those days

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I've had "one of those days".

Starting at 6am waking up from a horrible dream where I'd deliberately made a friend go blind.

Tailgater number 1: (tailgaters distract me more than just about anything else on the roads, I can't just let it go because of the stress and worry that they're going to hit me), distracted me while changing gears, turning a corner, trying to avoid the passing traffic, trying to decide whether the pedestrian was close enough to the crossing to have to stop for. In the end I was distracted enough to not know which gear to put the car into and just rolled slowly over the crossing. oops.

Morning was blah. Was feeling insecure over something that happened last night, but when I told Stu about it he got sad and so I got even sadder. A very sad downward spiral.

Tailgater number 2: ever tried to find parking with someone on your butt? (and they'd been up my butt for the last kilometre) So trying to park with idiot behind me, distracted, scraped my car on another. Yay. Scratched their bumper, which the dude wants to replace, gonna be up for hundreds of dollars I reckon.

And Stu's internet connection isn't working.

Maybe I should just go to bed and get the day over and done with.


delmer said:

I've adjusted one of the window washer jets on the minivan to shoot up. When someone tailgates I give the windows a wash and the fluid from the adjusted jet goes over the van an onto their auto.

Some people get the hint.

Just yesterday I was thinking I'm going to have to get over being bothered by tailgaters. There are too many of them.

(Isn't it nice to wake up from an awful dream and realize it was just a dream.)

October 19, 2005 6:27 AM


kazza said:

No well this time I woke up feeling awful that I could ever have even conceived of those thoughts :(

October 19, 2005 6:52 AM


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