Flying day

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Got a bit better night sleep last night. Still lazed around getting ready though :)

Went to a fishie shop in New Farm and had a look, and got some useful tips on which fish to breed.

Had a very late breakfast of Italian biscuits next to the llamas, then did some shopping for the night's dinner.

Then made a trek out to visit my uncle and auntie who were working on their plane for the day. Colin took me up for a fly in it, which was just fantabulous. I even got to fly it for a bit - *very* cool :) Crossed the state border even.

By then it was getting quite late, so came home and Stu cooked dinner while I half watched The Hunt for Red October and half annoyed Stu heh :) Don't quite know what happened to the rest of the evening, but it's bed time now :)

Miss September

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