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So Big W had ST TNG for $80/season. So I thought "cool, I should make a start on collecting them". And my brother thought "cool, I can finish collecting them". Well my brother mostly succeeded in his mission, and I completely failed. So I thought I'd try at kmart and ask them if they'd match the Big W price. Well it so happened that they'd printed their latest advertising brochure with ST TNG for $50/season. Although when I called one store, they said no, it was $84.50. Well anyway, I thought I'd try Burwood. I asked them if they'd match the Big W price, and they said, oh we'll beat them - we have them for $50. And I thought "sweet!!" So I got my brother his remaining season, bought season 1, and put five others on layby. I am still missing season 4 though. Apparently it's a discontinued line now, which is why they're getting rid of them. So it's somewhat urgent that I get season 4 now, although I'm concerned they'll do something different, like a new super duper special version of them. Or perhaps they (Paramount) thought "oh noone is buying them, we'll give up". Well at $180 rrp per season what do you expect?? Sheesh. Sorry. /rant. ;)

Had a bookcrossing meetup in town, and a $5 steak for dinner, pretty good value really.


Dave2 said:

Make it so!

October 11, 2005 11:12 PM


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