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Still coughing a bit from that cold the other week. Don't get that.

Quite sleepie after not getting to bed til midnight after the washing I did late last night got stuck half way through and I didn't notice.

Put $42 of petrol into my car today, an all time record. 133.5c/L Just think for a moment of the conversion. That's 133.5AUc/L. That's 5.05AUD/USGal. That's $3.90USD/Gal. Not the $6.55 I calculated from doing the currency conversion the wrong way around. heh.

But on a lighter note, I'm seeing my boy again in two weeks - for six whole days straight! /me bounces round the room excitedly.

4 and a half years of petrol prices


delmer said:

Gas has dropped to under $3.00 here (Columbus, Ohio ... um, USA) and was sitting at $2.88 at dinnertime.

Not terribly long ago it was under $2.00. As recently as the spring, maybe? About April.

September 10, 2005 11:19 AM


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