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Given up on asking Stu for titles ;) (yet mine is no more interesting ;) )

As is Stu's Saturday morning tradition, we went out for breakfast. Or brunch really. Went to a nice cafe in Ascot and I had bacon and eggs and tomato and toast, and Stu had bacon and eggs and kransky and tomato and mushrooms and hashbrowns and toast.. yummyo. Kept us going for the entire day it did :)

After brekky we found a Westfield and finished collecting supplies for the fish tank. As well as going into an Athlete's Foot and we both ended up with new sneakers heh.

Then it was some vegging out for the afternoon before heading out to Chay and David's for a lovely roast chicken dinner, and then we watched the Fifth Element.

All in all another great day, although I couldn't quite keep awake by the end of it heh.



CC said:

*drool* yum. I love brekky! =)

September 25, 2005 8:51 PM


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