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Howl's Moving Castle

Sigh, Stu can't think of a title for this entry, so going with the NWN option of generating a randomly generated one ;)

Another lazy morning sleeping late and pottering about - gotta love holidays :)

Late morning we went to Aquariums R us, which we thought Would be a store, but looked more like a big old house that someone was trading out of. There were houses all around it and a tiny little sign on the building meant we drove right past the place. Silly really. But we did pick up quite a few bits and pieces for Stu's tank.

After lunch (haloumi cheese yummmm) was a trek to another store, the time to get fishies. Stu wanted to get some cardinal tetras, but this place wanted $10 each for then :( So instead he got some Harlequin Rasboras which were cute too (see below)

Harlequin Rasboras

Then it was a trip into town to attend a drinks thingie at Stu's work. It was great to put some faces to names for people like Shazzy and Tash and Geoff. And it was hawaiian shirt themed, for which Stu fit the part well and was suitably praised :) I of course had the excuse that I didn't know it was on :). Had a couple of pina coladas and have had that damned song in my head all night. Might have to go think about llamas or something :)

After drinks we went and saw Howl's Moving Castle which was really sweet and quite enjoyable.

Then finished off the evening with a slice of pizza from the New York Slice Pizzeria - yummm, and a gelato - also yummm - highly recommend the apple pie one!

And now in bed on the blackberry for another late night oops :)

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