Productive Day

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Had a really good day at work today. Got lots done, and solved a few problems that had been nagging us for a while. Even solved a crazy javascript problem by changing "value" to "text" .. go figure! Jim did a demo to the powers that be in the faculty office and didn't get any complaints, so it's getting there.

Then hung around for a bit and finished off my flight from DC to LA in 2000 on Google Earth, finding every one of my photos, even one I'd given up on during the last effort - a freeway interchange somewhere in Pennsylvania I think. The only photo I haven't placed is somewhere over Colorado or Nebraska, and as you can see, the whole point of the photo is to show what a whole lotta nuttin is in the middle of the country.

Got home late and didn't do much. Still haven't cleaned up the kitchen from cooking on the weekend. Maybe I'll do it tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

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