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Not a terribly imaginative title, you can blame Stu for that - I asked him for a title for this entry and that's what he came up with :)

So today began at 4:20 when I woke from a disturbing dream that Robin had gone skiing with Jim and John earlier in the year. I woke up thinking it could actually have been true and lost all enthusiasm to go to work early heh

So after a little bit of a sleepin, I wandered into work to cut up images for the frontpage of our website. The thing was, we decided to cmpletely redo the graphics on the front page of the site - on thursday last week. Final mockups were obtained at 4pm yesterday! So this morning it was a frantic rush to redesign the layout of the page and finalise a design we liked - a few executive decisions were made by us hackers on the final look, and while others stood around me desk we finished it.

So next I called comms as going live involved a dns change. So they did that at 1pm and suddenly six months of work came to life. It was all actually pretty exciting. Then a little over an hour later Stu's new website went live too, which I thought was pretty darned cool.

The afternoon was spent on general fixing things up and sorting out redirects and the like.

And then (after dinner with George) I got on a plane and flew a thousand kilometres to be with my boy :):). Terribly excited :) Being a night flight it was useless for photos, but I did record a several minute long movie of the lights of the Eastern Suburbs which just looked magical. Have I ever mentioned I *love* flying? The other nice part of the flight was the moon over the water near Brisbane and the actual landing with the Brisbane lights.

I brought up some plant from my tanks for Stu's new tank, which makes his tank look a whole lot nicer. We're going to go shopping for other bits and pieces while I'm here and maybe even some fish :)

But now it's tomorrow and finally time to sleep.

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