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mmm a day that I really didn't want to come to an end...

Wallace and Gromit
Decided not to bother going to the beach again, so slept a bit late, before checking out and having brekky in Noosa Junction. Then wandered up and down looking at the shops, before seeing a midday session of Wallace and Grommit. It was quite silly really. Still, it was only $7, so can't complain too much. After the movie we headed up to the lookout at the top of Noosa, before a slow meander down the coast, winding up in Maroochydore late in the afternoon. Found an aquarium to look through, and did some whale spotting from the lighthouse, before chilling out for a bit, then Sizzler for dinner, and then onto the airport. Very sadly said goodbye to my boy before getting onto a Jetstar flight home.

I'd never flown Jetstar before. They really are quite an odd setup for flights. The main oddity being that they don't allocate seats. They have three boarding groups - orange for people with special needs, like little kids, then blue for people that checkin early, then silver for everyone else. I was in the blue group. So you get inside the secured terminal and gather round the three queue lines. And then it's first come first served. I waited near the front of the blue line and got onto the plane very early. I actually realised halfway up the front stairs that I could have gone to the back of the plane, which is what I'm used to doing (as business class is at the front). But Jetstar don't have business class. So I actually could have sat in the very front row of the plane, but didn't because I still had in my head that they might be reserved. So I sat in the second row. I've never sat that close to the front of the plane before! The window position was better in the second row anyway, and was out of sight of flight attendants who might have gotten grumpy at me using my camera. It's a totally different sound at the front of the plane, and not as noisy. Although this was an A320, and I'm used to 737s at the moment.

James gave me a lift home, which was lovely of him.
Although I'd really rather not be home.. would much rather have gone home with Stu :( This whole back to reality thing sux (that, and cleaning out several hundred comment spams, yay). I had a thoroughly fantastic holiday with Stu, and we managed to spend six whole days together without getting sick of each other, which can only be a good thing :)

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