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Thoroughly whacked today. Didn't get to sleep til very late, but sleep was really crappy and fitful. Must have been long-distance empathy for Stu who didn't get to sleep til 5am.

I did manage to make significant progress on my notes database today though. The boss is back on Thursday and *really* want to get it done by then.

I have a BlueBerry now. That is, a blue BlackBerry. The black CDMA one got shipped off to Wagga, so I took one of the GPRS ones. But it drives me nuts cause it's continual connections with the net mean I can't have it anywhere near my computer speakers cause it just makes them buzz. Plus it hasn't been synchronising since this morning. It's sending ok, but not receiving. And I can't make it make noises either.. on mail it's fine, but alarms on calendar items and icq just won't make noises, even when they're set to. I guess I'm probably doing something wrong, but since I'm not going to get to keep it, it's not a high priority to sort out.

Got home and there was *no* parking in my street (the back driveway has been reconcreted, so can't get my car in the garage. Had to park a street over. Then couldn't check my mail cause we got new letterboxes installed and I didn't have the key (it was under my door). But $4000 for four metal boxes?? Something seriously wrong there :( *sigh*

Going to bed now. Nite.


Kevin said:

$4000?!?!?! Are they gold lined? Do they sort and respond to your mail themselves? I would expect at least that much at that pricepoint.

July 28, 2005 1:36 AM


kazza said:

They're just plain metal boxes. It seems rather dodgy to me.

July 28, 2005 11:42 PM


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