The rest of the weekend

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Sorry. Rant over.
Back to the cricket. Or not apparently, at least not at 7:30pm.

Oh, where was I?
Oh yes, the weekend.

Friday night: Drambuie and Vodka/vanilla coke. Chatting to Arian and Aurelius.

Saturday: Working bee at Luc's place. Many hands, although not so light work :) Evening chatting with Stu and Arian.

Sunday: Church, UnderCoverWear party, dinner at Alan and Marylon's.

And then the weekend is over. Blink. I must have missed it somewhere there. And I still haven't done the Friday Qs. Talk about a slacker!


Kevin said:

Okay, I'll bite... what's an UnderCoverWear party?

July 28, 2005 1:43 AM


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