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Fairly busy day. Housework in the morning, then out to Yvonne&Dave's for some of the arvo then running around the city then finally getting a chance to take a breather in front of the telly tonight. Caught up on some videos, watched Air Crash Investigations which was a bit emotional cause they had quite a stack of real footage of a hijacked Air France plane being stormed at Marseilles airport. Then flicked over to Deep Impact, recognising instantly the score as being by James Horner, not exactly a remarkable feat, it being almost identical to the Titanic score. 1998 was a year for same-only-different movies. Deep Impact/Armageddon for the asteroid-about-to-wipe-out-earth and Antz/A Bug's Life for the animated-ants movies.

I suppose I should really do the washing up, make up my bed, wash my hair, go to sleep.. the usual.

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