You know you like a movie when...

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You know you like a movie when you put it on to cheer you up from feeling Sunday-afternoon-back-to-work-tomorrow-blues with the intention of having it on in the background while you work on photos.. and end up watching it and not getting any work done :)

In this case it was Gladiator .. inspired by the Asterix book I read today, Asterix the Gladiator.

I didn't quite achieve what I wanted to this weekend. I put captions on many of my usa photos. I updated my blog and finally put up a stack of links that I've just been reading feeds for. I got a little paid job done. And I got a stack of silicone sealer scraped off the shower walls. Eight more tiles down, a coupla dozen more to go :( But I didn't get any "play" time, and I have to work tonight which is a bit sad.

Definitely need to have long weekends more often :/

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