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I never get sick. Well almost never. So when I actually do get sick, it hits hard. Sunday afternoon I started coughing. Monday I sat staring at my screen all day getting nothing done. Today I stayed at home and lay in bed all day. Spent the morning freezing to death, despite being rugged up with beanie, bed sox, doona and the heater on. This afternoon got positively delirious with heat before things settled down somewhat later this arvo.

Didn't get any real sleep, but will be interesting to see if I get any tonight. And dunno about work tomorrow yet either.

My land line rang a couple of times today. I wonder who would be calling. Telemarketers most likely.


delmer said:

I never get sick unless I make the statement "I never get sick." I was on the phone with Granny (Mom, that is) a couple of months ago and made the above statement, by the end of the conversation I had a scratchy throat which turned into cold the next day.

In a really rare move, I had another cold about a month later. This one seemed to be spontaneous ... that is not brought on by the "saying I never get sick" curse.

I'm sure it is all coincidence. But this stuff never happened when Bill Clinton was President.

June 21, 2005 11:06 PM


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