Immune reaction

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My body had an immune reaction today. You know how when you feel like you just need to move slowly, and everything is a bit of a daze, and you're just cruising along feeling that things aren't quite right in the world. It's a strange feeling. But actually I felt quite peaceful, not too excitable and not too upsettable.

So that was me this morning. Some effects for the remainder of the afternoon and even now a little. I'm not sure who won yet, my body or whatever virus it was fighting. I'm hoping I did. We shall see.

This evening we went out for my mummy's birthday dinner. Dave and Yvonne and two pairs of the parents friends came along. Was all pleasant enough. Then did a Bunnings run and came home.

When I got home I took some shots of the moon with Jupiter, but thoroughly annoyed at myself for not taking a shot of them at 5:30, when they were right next to each other and would have made for a much more interesting photo.

oh well. what can you do. sleep.

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