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Batman Begins

Well my 1k entry. Not going to be anything earth-shattering.

Saw Batman Begins tonight, a freebie courtesy of Dell (although I didn't see any Dell computers, I'd have to look harder the next time I watch it). Was pretty good. (Spoilers:) didn't like the whole weapons of mass destruction thing. I mean if you're going to vaporise all the water in range of the microwave, it's not going to vaporise just water in pipes, it's going to vaporise the water that makes up 90% of humans. I guess that's a massive plot hole they overlooked for the sake of entertainment.

Because of the movie I went into work, but I should have stayed at home. I was feeling like utter crap and coughing. I ended up just staring at my screen all day not being able to concentrate on anything. Was probably a net loss to come in at all.

So anyway. Will chuck a sickie tomorrow and try and recover a bit.

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