Snorkling Take Two

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Drove all over Sydney again today.

This time, Campbell and I headed out to Coogee to go snorkling. We went in at Wiley's Baths which Campbell had been to before. But as we got down to the waterfront I started panicking when I saw the waves pounding against the rocks. Campbell was saying it was fine and "relatively" calm and I'm going "yeah RIGHT". So I was thinking that even if I could get in, I'd never be able to get out again. Anyway, he wandered up and down a bit looking for a spot for us to get in (and trod on a couple of sea urchins :( ) and he finally found a vegetation-covered shelf that dropped off vertically and quite deep. So actually managed to get in quite easily. And without being smashed up against any rocks :)

We swam down the coast a bit, but the water was quite murky compared to Long Reef. At one point swam through a big bunch of feathers, maybe from a dead sea gull or something, blerk. Campbell also managed to get himself washed up over a rock shelf and had a tough time trying to get back out into deep water. Glad it wasn't me! Yikes, it looked awful. So then started wandering back up the coast to where we got in. The sun was setting and we were looking straight into it. Could not see a thing. Managed to find the place where we got in, and, with a bit of help, managed to get out with all my skin and blood vessels in tact.

The thing about waves is that for the most part, the water moves up and down. So you can be quite close to the rocks and not be thrown around too much. It's only when the top of the wave goes above the level of land and the water has nothing holding it back and must move sideways that things get scary.

I still would prefer to go in from a beach though :/

Then went to the parents' for a lamb roast and a few rounds of 500. Mum was the loser. She also has a blood pressure machine, and we all had goes of it. I think mine was something like 117/67. Heart rate was 85 though. My brother's BP was very high which is a bit of a worry. After the games we had another go and he worked himself up to see what effect it would have on the machine. He managed to make it give an error hehe.

So anyway. Bed time.


Ben said:

I love snorkling! Very finding nemo-ish.


April 10, 2005 2:58 PM


Phillbo said:

While I haven't been snorkelling in years, I still remember it being a whole different world under the water. I simply loved it.

I've also discovered that seaweed can be a life line when being monentarily pulled by a strong current :P

April 11, 2005 12:13 AM


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