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ok so I've only been out for 15 hours.

Left home at 9am with a mission to get a new pair of jeans (or two). Two stores and eight pairs of jeans later and not one single pair that remotely fitted. They were all tight around the thighs and butt, but with massive gaping holes at the back, and a belt just pulled them in at all the wrong places. And the sales girls were saying they're all like that now. wtf?? And that they could have them taken in. For a $10 fee. wtf??? So I still have no jeans. Note to self: don't leave it until your last pair is almost totally worn out before looking for new jeans.

Then headed down to the 'gong to my little brother's, and him and Yvonne and I all headed out to Robertson for a Southern Highlands Bookcrossing meetup. Not too many people came, but a *stack* of books came. Came home with another half a dozen. Oops. Note to self: one of these days I should actually read all the books I've taken!

Wandered back to the 'gong, stopping at the big potato (aka the big turd) for a photo for my small big things collection. Note to self: really must plan a big things tour of the country.
The Big Potato, Robertson

Did a spot of shopping, where I indulged my coloured pen fettish and bought 72 gel pens (36 different colours) for $13, and a few Mr Men books I'd never seen before. Was tempted to get a couple of blue tubs of Lego, but decided I really do have enough lego for the moment :) Had dinner (me brother cooked up a delicious lemon chicken tonight), watched some docos on sbs, and rearranged the stereo equipment. Was tempted by the offer of speakers and an amp. May still get them at some point, or may just wait a little longer and go completely digital. Had dessert and stumbled home to arrive right on midnight, at which time I turned into a pumpkin. Note to self: must go to sleeeeeep


Ben said:

Bah - you can never have enough lego!


April 17, 2005 1:51 AM


JC said:

I had a dilemna, big gun stereo in the living room, the kind that'll make the neighbors a block away wet the bed in the middle of the night, and having my entire music collection on MP3. Sure, I still had the CD's, but was too lazy/liked the versatility of a computer jukebox. I had just wired the place for LAN, and had considered trying to find a wired network solution. (I know iTunes has an Airport thingie that's wireless that suits the same function, but it's 'spensive, not to mention I'm out of audio inputs on the stereo) My brother-in-law solved it for me, he said "Your DVD player plays MP3, yes?" Hence it was solved. I can burn a CD of MP3 and press shuffle, or better yet, burn a DVD of MP3, for untold HOURS of jukebox. I guess the point of this rambling comment is the mention that I think I kinda have the best of btoh worlds, rock solid performance of the dedicated stereo equipment regardless of what the PC is doing, but the giganto music selection as well.

April 17, 2005 4:49 AM


soss said:

I would love to see the oven that spud would fit in! Maybe you build the oven around it! hehe

April 17, 2005 8:15 AM


Dave2 said:

And here I thought that you were on vacation! Your "old" feed was not being updated, and I didn't think to check your site until just now. You might want to delete your old feed, or perhaps format it to point to your new one so your friends don't worry about you. :-)

Now I've got some catching up to do...

April 17, 2005 8:45 AM


kazza said:

Ben: totally agree :)

JC: I have a whacky-do cd player that holds 200 cds, so I'm all set for music. But my dvd experience could be somewhat improved. At the moment it goes through to vhs boxes and a macrovision remover box. Sound quality is heavily degraded through all the steps :(

Soss: mmmmm just think of what you could do with all that potato.. crisps, fries, creamy potatoes, baked potatoes .. *drool* :)

Dave: sorry, all fixed now :)

April 17, 2005 6:19 PM


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