Macintoshes need to be shot and burnt

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So the idea was to turn off the tv at 9:30, do the dishes, wash my hair and go to bed.

But then I had to fight with the crap that macintoshes leave lying around my file server. Fortunately only one macintosh, so I only had one user's directory to worry about. But instead of a ten minute job, it blew out to an hour while I tried to hunt down thirteen files that wouldn't copy from one disk array to another. Macs dump files with ._filename that must be some sort of place holder for them (because they think that files should actually be two files, not one, I guess in relation to the old resource forks). But if the ._file belongs to an empty directory of the same name, the file can't be copied. wtf?? Well screw em, they can just not get copied. If this user has troubles opening his files I'll tell him to use a pc.


Dave2 said:


It's not our fault that Windows' crappy SMB file system makes a mess of things and has to split our resource forks! :-(

April 17, 2005 9:00 AM


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