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FQ1: What are some items of yours that are broken or needing repair right now?
My phone. Well it isn't broken, it's just crap, even after sending it back to Nokia *twice*. My landline is pretty crappy too, have been meaning to bring an old one home from work. The clock and light on my oven don't work. The plumbing in this place is a disaster - a couple of the taps groan if you don't turn them on the right way. erm.

FQ2: When something breaks, do you tend to live with it broke, repair it yourself, have a professional fix it, or throw it out?
I guess I tend to live with it wherever possible. I get my daddy to fix electronic things where possible. Otherwise I buy new stuff.

FQ3: Is there a childhood toy, family heirloom, or some other special item which was broken that you'd very much like to have un-broken?
I'm sure I should be able to think of something. Really. I get sentimentally attached to inanimated objects. My first car for example, which was kidnapped and murdered a few years ago.

FQ DESTROYER: What is something you would like to break intentionally, assuming you could get away with it?
Nothing comes to mind. I'll think about it.

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