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FQ1: Where's the most beautiful place you've ever been? What made it beautiful to you?
hrm I've been to quite a few beautiful places. Anything with snow and mountains and lakes in combination are often winners. Crater Lake in Oregon is definitely a highlight.
Crater Lake, Oregon

FQ2: Who's the most beautiful person you can think of? What makes them beautiful to you?
I've ranted at length about various beautiful men I've had crushes on, but possibly the most beautiful person I know is Chris, and not so much physically (although he's certainly above average), but personality-wise. He's the most "decent" person I know, and the most Christian non-Christian I know :)

FQ3: What's the most beautiful object you've ever looked at? What makes it beautiful?
Um. One that comes to mind is something I saw at a bush doof one time. It was a stack of polystyrene balls painted in fluoro colours. They were suspended on fishing line in a kind of network at all different heights. If you pulled one and let it go, they'd all bounce up and down. Damn I wish I had a photo (or better yet, a movie) of it. Didn't take my camera with me that night. Ric said he'd seen it before. Maybe I'll see it again one day :)

FQ LIST: Tell us ten more beautiful things! When you think of "beauty," what one thing comes to mind for the following words:
music: John Williams
movie: Peter Pan
book: probably my favourite book - Star Trek VI by JM Dillard. Totally love that book
meal: oh definitely roast pork with crackling and gravy and apple sauce and cheesy/creamy sauced potatoes
gemstone: maybe diamond.. with ruby/emerald/sapphire for that lovely red/green/blue decoration :)
flower: carnation .. although sunflowers are also cool
web site: a beautiful website? hrm nothing comes to mind
artwork: nothing comes to mind for that either. Maybe the very cool picture my parents have of a sunset at a beach with a huge wave crashing over rocks. It was suspended above the oil heater and I spent quite a bit of time in winter months in front of the heater just looking its exquisite detail. I'm pretty sure it was featured in the Henderson Kids also.
appliance: a beautiful appliance? maybe my toaster oven cause it's great for heating up stuff without having to put on the big oven
animal: lots of birds come to mind. Or a gazelle or something.


Dave2 said:

"Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" over "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home?!?" Oh the humanity!! :-)

April 12, 2005 4:20 PM


greg said:

buddy do u have msn?
u have cool images

May 12, 2007 11:29 PM


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