Three days

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ok so I haven't posted properly in three days.


Small sleepin, decided needed to clean the flat. Did that for a bit then Paul logged onto icq. Chatted to him for a bit, then the discussion got onto poker. They're planning a poker night at work in a couple of weeks and I thought I should probably get some practise in. So Paul and I played on Yahoo games for *three hours straight* .. oops!

Did a little bit more cleaning, then played poker with Ding on While playing he invited me up to the pub, so I jumped into the car and headed off. We had a couple of wines, then we met Perron and Clare and a friend of theirs for dinner (Thai - was yummmo!) then headed up to the pub. They had some great trance on for the first part, and Alison and her friend Jenny and I had a ball dancing. Then they changed djs, and the music had a lot more painful treble. Couldn't deal with the noise, so we spent a few dollars on the pokies and then stumbled back to Chris'. Where we danced and talked and chilled. Then crashed for the night on some cushions. The more I reflect on the night the more I have come to appreciate how good it was. It was a lot of fun, a lovely dinner, some good dancing and Chris was being particularly nice to me. /me *sighs*


Got up around 7:30 and stumbled home. It's very strange waking up away from home in the daylight and then driving home. Even though I'd slept, I felt like I'd been up all night. Very odd. Wandered to church. Felt odd being with people that really don't care about me. Still, it was easier to sit with them and not say much than sit with someone else and then have to "pretend" talk.

Came home and cleaned in earnest. The place, if anything, is messier now than when I started. But at least I now have a big pile of things I've decided to let go of. Watched My Restaurant Rules and CSI, then decided to do some server work. So much for the idea of getting to bed at 9:30, by the time everything was done it was 10:30 :(


Frustrating day of nothing working. Battled further with using frontpage to create and update an access database. The idea being to save coding time. Of course it doesn't actually work. It goes through all the motions, but doesn't actually update the database. Yay.

So then moved onto trying to get a machine behind a stringent firewall talking to our sus server. It can see the sus server and downloads the file, but then doesn't actually download any of the patches. It doesn't help that the machine is not on the domain, so I had to hack the registry to get it to even that far.

On a lighter note for the day, I drove a Porsche! First time I've ever driven a Porsche. So that was quite fun, although a bit hard to test drive on 50km/hr suburban speed zones. It's very "tight". Everything's sponteneous, unlike my car that feels like a slug in comparison.

And now I'm feeling like it's time for bed :/


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